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2. Nylöse - Storås

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    12 km

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    113 m

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Markus Holm

You hike the "Amazon route" for the views and for Lärjeån river. But mostly for your own. Up on Kvibergsberget you enjoy a magnificent panorama over Gothenburg. During the further walk there are several vantage points with views over Gothenburg.

The hike in the Lärjeån valley takes you through a narrow gorge with jungle-like deciduous forest, hence the route's nickname. The Lärjeån river winds its way through the ravine landscape with wide fields, rolling hills and grazed pastures. If you head from the south, the destination is the beautiful Storåsfallen at Lärjeån's Kitchen and Gardens. Walking here really feels like an adventure.

From the south, the marked hiking trail starts at Nylöse church. Along the edge of the mountain inside the apartment buildings, you continue to the right of Gamlestadshallen and on towards Kviberg's cemetery. This is the city's largest cemetery with the long Kviberg houses and Kviberg barracks in the background. Soon you pass Klara's meadows, a colony area. The trail takes you along the edge of the Kortedala district, the first modern suburb of Gothenburg, which began to be built in the mid-1950s.

Don't miss the Buddhist temple by Lärjeån or taking the time to walk slowly. The nature of the route makes the experience special. It is easy to get to and from Nylöse or Storås thanks to excellent communications. You can walk the stage one way as a half-day trip between Gamlestaden to Hjällbo or Angered and take the tram back. Or do the reverse. Or continue on to the next stage? You decide your adventure. Welcome to the "Little Amazonas route".

Surface: Asphalt, gravel road.

Time: 3-5 hours excluding breaks.

Don't miss: "Amazon route" in Lärjeån.

Get here: Tram 7 or 11 towards Gothenburg SKF, go to Nylöse church.

Accommodation: There are no specific suggestions for accommodation along the stage, but there are many accommodation options to choose from in the digital map.

The Pilgrimsleden Göta Älv has developed in a collaboration between: the City of Gothenburg, the Association of Property Owners in Gamlestaden, Gamlestaden, Ale Municipality, Lilla Edets Municipality, Trollhättan City, Vänersborg Municipality, Västra Götaland Region, the Church of Sweden, the Pilgrims Center in Gothenburg, Visit Trollhättan Vänersborg, the Tourist Board of West Sweden and the West Coast Foundation.

12 km

113 m


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  • Pilgrimsleden Göta Älv




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Photographer: Markus Holm

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