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6. Skepplanda - Lödöse

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    15 km

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    102 m

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Josefine Larsson

Traveling past the old royal court is an old tradition. Past the royal court, the old main road ran along the eastern side of the river valley. Along with several other roads, it ran like many old roads on the crest of the ridge where it was dry. There is also much evidence that Alvhem's royal estate was the most powerful and prominent estate in the entire river valley and southern Bohuslän long ago.

You start at Skepplanda church with a view to Frövet. The ancient remains "Krulle's" grave and the cairn at Grötås in the Frövet mountains are not far from the trail. From Frövet, the trail follows the old church road through the forest to Alvhem's royal estate. In the yard stands the area's thickest tree, a linden. The trail then follows a nature and cultural path across the golf course. One and a half kilometers to the west is Jätteberget with the famous rock carvings.

After the golf course, the trail continues on paths and smaller dirt roads. At Hede, the trail crosses both the railway and the motorway. The new draw takes you to the Lödöse Hembygdsförening's small picturesque cottage Valla Maria's cottage. The place is perfect for a break and take-away coffee. A stone's throw before that, it is possible to make a detour through the Pingstalund leisure area towards Tingberg's hill to Lödöse's old execution site, called Galgekullen or Galgbacken. If you choose this route, you also take the shortcut to the train station Lödöse södra. However you do, the recommendation is to go to Sankt Peder's church for a visit and then to the Lödöse museum.

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Surface: Forest path, asphalt, dirt road.

Time: 3-4 hours excluding breaks.

Don't miss: The ancient remains "Krule's grave" and the cairn at Grötås in Frövetbergen.

Get here: Västtågen towards Älvängen Station, bus 434 towards Skepplanda Albotorget, go to Skepplanda church.

Accommodation: There are no specific suggestions for accommodation along the stage, but there are many accommodation options to choose from in the digital map.


The Pilgrimsleden Göta Älv has developed in a collaboration between: the City of Gothenburg, the Association of Property Owners in Gamlestaden, Gamlestaden, Ale Municipality, Lilla Edets Municipality, Trollhättan City, Vänersborg Municipality, Västra Götaland Region, the Church of Sweden, the Pilgrims Center in Gothenburg, Visit Trollhättan Vänersborg, the Tourist Board of West Sweden and the West Coast Foundation.

15 km

102 m


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Photographer: Josefine Larsson

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