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Bottenstugan - Lysevatten

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    12 km

  • Elevation

    179 m

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Lukasz Warzecha/Vä

Along fine forest trails and uphill steep hillsides. This stage is a challenge with the hiker being rewarded with both beautiful and unspoilt nature as well as fantastic views.

Section 9 of the Bohusleden Trail goes between Bottenstugan and Lysevatten and runs through a large part of Svartedalen Nature Reserve.

The name Svartedalen (the Black Valley) has, for many years, been surrounded by a sense of mystery, wilderness, old-growth woodland and untamed, harsh nature. It is associated with a wide range of different recreational activities and is one of the largest areas of woodland and wilderness areas in south-western Sweden. The area is hilly and contains lots of lakes. 

The section follows woodland paths and is very hilly. It is an advantage if you are an experienced walker because the route takes you through an area without any kind of development or housing. There is no mobile phone coverage either. At Bottenstugan there are two shelters, a barbeque area and a toilet. 

Not to be missed:The fantastic view from the top of the cliff at the northern tip of Lake Härsvatten. 

How to get here: Bottenstugan is difficult to reach by bus. Close to Lysevatten there is a Burt stop with buses a couple of times a day to Stenungsund.

12 km

179 m


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Tuff terräng som beskrivs i texten men avslutas med en traktorväg. Etappen var inte så varierande.
Apr 2023




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Photographer: Olle Wängborg
Photographer: Veronica Niederer
Photographer: Veronica Niederer

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