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Göteborgs Skärgårdsled - etapp 2 av 3

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Jonas Ingman

Hönö Klåva – Saltas badplats

Stage 2 Starts in Hönö Klåva. The trail goes over the rock outcrops smoothed during the Ice Age, towards Hästen's bathing place and via the idyllic little (boat) bay "Bådevi" to Lapposand bathing place. The path continues through a forest and over the mountains towards Ersdalen. In the Ersdalen nature reserve, there is a windbreak at Kråkudden for bird watching and a mosaic of different nature types. It makes room for an exciting plant and animal life. In the shallow bays, ducks and waders are seen searching for food. Common warbler and warbler seek shelter and nest. In the bushy lands.

In the reserve there are also rare plants such as mountain daylily, common in the mountain areas but rare in the rest of the country. There used to be fields and meadows in Ersdalen, but in the 1940s birch and black pine were planted on the farmland. The forest is today a park-like mixed forest. There is a small playground, barbecue area and benches here.

A path through Ersdalen's park leads you to Hönö Röd with a hostel and a well-stocked grocery store.

The road to Öckerö goes over a bridge. Then turn left and follow the road down to the end of Kanndalsvägen, where the path by the sea leads up into the mountains. Here you find a military fort down by the water and then you come to the daredevils' bathing rocks, Jacobs Bratt. There you follow the peak down towards the water and over the cobblestone section down towards the Saltas bathing area.

Here you can find, among other things birds such as eider, gray tern, song lark, herring tern, tern, tobis piglet, grebe, turkish pigeon. Frogs and reptiles such as smaller newts, stink bugs.

Insects such as dwarf sedge, four-leaf clover, spruce budworm, knotweed, fleabane, stilts, sand moth, meadow sedge, bramble, Virgin Mary's keys, beach beet. Fungi such as silkworms.

Length: 9.3 km

Time: 3 hours

Get here: Take the car ferry to Hönö, parking is available in Hönö Klåva or take public transport with Västtrafik and the "To Go" app. The stop is called Hönö Klåva.

Difficulty: Medium

Surface: Rocks and mountains, Paths, gravel, cobblestones. From Ersdalen's parking lot, it is an asphalt road all the way to Öckerös Kanndalen.

Don't miss: Ersdalen nature reserve, the view towards the Vinga lighthouse, the swimming areas. Hönö klåva's restaurants.

9.3 km


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Photographer: Jonas Ingman

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