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    4.5 km

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    87 m

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Markus Holm

In the nature around Sundsby Säteri there are a number of trails offering many different experiences. Here you will find beautiful and varied scenery, breathtaking views of the Stigfjord, a quiet and peaceful beech forest as well as very exciting climbing and crawling through narrow passages and caves. This is a fantastic excursion for both children and adults.

In the Sundsby area, the path called Sundsbyleden, with blue markings, is also marked with the symbols of the Kuststigen-trail.

Clockwise from the large parking lot, the first part of Sundsbyleden runs on a wide and level forest road. It is partly hilly but otherwise quite easy for about a kilometer. Then the hike goes on a narrower and slightly steeper path with a lot of stones and roots. Prepare for a nice but a bit demanding hike.

After about 4 kilometers, the circular trail itself reaches Sundsby Säteri, with its park, pond and old buildings.

The continuation of the trail, back to the parking lot, goes along the old carp trail and is easy walking on flat graveled paths.

Time: 2 hours

How to get here: To get to Sundsby Säteri by bus you can go to the Sundsby crossroads stop.

Difficulty: Moderate-Difficult

Surface: Paths and gravel roads.

Not to be missed: The view from the top of Solklinten. It is not along the blue loop, but is worth a detour up the trail with black markings.

4.5 km

87 m


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Vi gick den på påskdagen i strålande sol. Tämligen krävande på sina ställen men underbar natur. Tyvärr gick vi inte upp till grottorna och Solklinten. Det får bli nästa gång! Kaffet på säteriet smakade bra och sedan var det ju rena slätmarken tillbaka till parkeringen. Bernt
Apr 2023
Bernt Andersson
Jan 2022




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Photographer: Olle Wängborg

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